EPOPA was implemented by Agro Eco and Grolink 1997-2008.


The EPOPA experience

EPOPA experience

This report covers the activities and achievements of the Export Promotion of Organic Products from Africa programme, operating in Tanzania and Uganda. It is written for the stakeholders in the countries of cooperation, development organizations and professionals, and the wider public, with the intention of sharing the experiences, successes, and failures of the programme.

EPOPA leaves behind a very vibrant organic sector in Uganda and an established sector in Tanzania; 30 export projects in operation; consolidated organic movements; internationally accredited certification bodies in Uganda and Tanzania; and finally a large number of people with increased understanding of organic agriculture and capacity to develop the sector.

The EPOPA programme, or programmes with a similar market-led approach, can be recommended for many other African countries. The market is there and the farmers are there.

Download The EPOPA experience - Organic Exports - a way to a better life? The EPOPA end report/book (PDF 1936kB)



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