EPOPA was implemented by Agro Eco and Grolink 1997-2008.


The epopa experience

EPOPA experience

This report covers the activities and achievements of the Export Promotion of Organic Products from Africa programme, operating in Tanzania and Uganda. It is written for the stakeholders in the countries of cooperation, development organizations and professionals, and the wider public, with the intention of sharing the experiences, successes, and failures of the programme.

EPOPA leaves behind a very vibrant organic sector in Uganda and an established sector in Tanzania; 30 export projects in operation; consolidated organic movements; internationally accredited certification bodies in Uganda and Tanzania; and finally a large number of people with increased understanding of organic agriculture and capacity to develop the sector.

The EPOPA programme, or programmes with a similar market-led approach, can be recommended for many other African countries. The market is there and the farmers are there.

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box Gender End Report, September 2008 (PDF 282kB)
box Experiences of Certification in EPOPA (PDF 540kB)
box Social, Corporate Responsible, Ethical & Fair Trade Initiatives (PDF 516kB)
box Sumbawanga carbon summary, May 2008 (PDF 516kB)
Assuring the Viability of Value-Addition for Organic Exports from East Africa (PDF 425 kB)
box Northern Uganda Shea, Internal Control Manual, 2007 (PDF 164kB)
EPOPA Report on Food Security impact of organic production, 2007 (PDF 806 kB)
Organic Exporter Guide, 2006 (PDF 636 kB)
box EPOPA Evaluation report of the conflict and peace impact of the Northern Uganda Shea Nut Project in Otuke County, Uganda, December 2006 (PDF 135 kB)
button Organic Beekeeping Practical Guide, June 2006 (PDF 444 kB)
button Out grower System through Contract Farming, August 2006 (PDF 168kb)
button Organic lemon grass guide for small holders, 2005 (PDF 1270kb)
Organic, non-treated and non GMO seed and planting material (PDF 548 kB)
button Requirements for At-Source Herb Milling in Africa - Lemongrass milling, 2004 (PDF 172 kB)
button Essential Oil Still Construction Report, Uganda, July 2005 (PDF 147 kB)
button Herbs, Spices, Essential Oil Summary Report, August 2003 (PDF 64 kB)
Sesame Workshop in Singida, Tanzania (PDF 240 kB)

market studies

South African Organic Market Study, May -06 (PDF 770 kB)
Honey Market Survey, Jan -06 - public version (PDF 718 kB)

As part of the support to projects, EPOPA conductED market studies on the products where this information is unavailable. The following are summaries of the studies conducted

Summary of "The Organic Cocoa Market in Europe" (PDF 15 kB)
Summary of "The European Market for Organic Canned Pineapple" (PDF 65 kB)
Summary of "Export opportunities for African Organic Honey" (PDF 67 kB)
Summary of "... Export of Organic Sesame seed from Uganda" (PDF 58 kB)
Summary of "The Natural Vanilla Markets;..." (PDF 93 kB)
Summary of "The Market for Organic Dried Fruits from Tropical Origins" (PDF 71 kB)
Summary of "Organic and Fairtrade Peanut Markets in Europe" (PDF 60 kB)
Summary of "The European Market for Organic Cashew Nuts" (PDF 56 kB)

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General info

Brochure about EPOPA Uganda (PDF 202 kB)
Folder about EPOPA Zambia (PDF 162 kB)
Article about EPOPA (PDF 621 kB)
Small folder about EPOPA 'Development Through Organic Trade' (PDF 200 kB)
Info about EPOPA in Portugese (PDF 80 kB)

Project folders

Biofresh, Exporter of organic fruit and vegetables (PDF 127 kB)
BioUganda, Exporter of fresh and dried fruit (PDF 206 kB)
ESCO, Exporter of Cocoa and Vanilla (PDF 160 kB)
Greenfields, BioFach Tilapia folder 3 (PDF 143 kB)
Greenfields, Brochure 2007 B Kyoga Wild (PDF 449 kB)
Kawacom, Exporter of Arabica Coffee (PDF 157 kB)
Kawacom, Exporter of Robusta Coffee (PDF 162 kB)
Outspan, Exporter of Sesame (PDF 174 kB)
button Tamteco, Exporter of Fragrant Herbs (PDF 380 kB)

Dabaga, Exporter of Canned Pineapple (PDF 143 kB)
KCU, Exporter of Fair Trade Robusta Coffee (PDF 155 kB)
KNCU, Exporter of Fair Trade Arabica Coffee (PDF 151 kB)
PCI, Exporter of Cashew Nuts (PDF 170 kB)
Tanica, Exporter of Spray Dried Instant Coffee (180 kB)

AOFI, Exporter of Lemon grass, essential and cold pressed oils (PDF 237 kB)

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blue Biodiversity poster English 2008 (JPG 429kB)
blue Biodiversity poster Kiswahili (JPG 500kB)

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sida evaluations

Evaluation of the EPOPA programme Phase II, made in 2004 (PDF 929 kB)
Evaluation of the EPOPA programme Phase I, made in 2000 (PDF 466 kB)

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Press releases & Speaches

Speech: Honourable Stephen Masato Wasira (MP), Minister for Agriculture Food Security and Cooperatives, at the opening of East African Organic Conference May 28, 2007 (PDF 27kB)
Speech:Honourable Edward Lowassa (MP), Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania, at the opening of East African Organic Conference May 29, 2007(PDF 51kB)
Press Release: Prolonging EPOPA to 2008, Apr 2005 (PDF 27 kB)
Press Release: Tanzania Launch, Sep 2002 (PDF 30 kB)
Press Release: Expanding EPOPA, May 2002 (PDF 10 kB)
Speech: Dr. N.P. Sicilima, Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania Jan 17th 2003 (PDF 10 kB)

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Project Reports

box Greenfields, fish project, Uganda, summary of end report (PDF 22 kB)
box Shea project, Uganda, summary of end report (PDF 27 kB)
box BioUganda, Uganda, summary of end report (PDF 24 kB)
box Premier Cashew project, Tanzania, summary of end report (PDF 49 kB)
Outspan, sesame project, Uganda, summary of end report (PDF 67 kB)
ESCO, Vanilla and Cocoa - Bundibugyo, Uganda, summary of project end report (PDF 25 kB)
Executive summary of EPOPA Programme End Report Phase 2 (PDF 54 kB)
Executive summary of Kawacom Project End Report (PDF 106 kB), (Word 116 kB)
box KCU project end report summary, December 2006 (PDF 37kB)
box Fair trade project end report, April 2008 (PDF 29kb)
box Organic Product Range summary, August 2008 (.doc 84kb)
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Specific info

Developing markets and capacities for organic products - The EPOPA experience. Presentation made by Bo van Ezakker at the World Bank in June 2007. (159 kB)

Development of Organic Certification Organizations in Uganda and Tanzania, Jan 2003 (PDF 15 kB)

EPOPA in Uganda [PDF 60 kB]
HIV Aids Work Place Policy [255 kb]

Uganda Organic Standard (PDF 344 kB), (Word 403 kB)
Tanzania Organic Standard (PDF 343 kB), (Word 338 kB)
Tanzania short Organic Standard (local) (PDF 99 kB), (Word 122 kB)

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external publications

FAO Brochure "Regulations, standards and certification for agricultural exports"
Abstract of "Organic coffee, better life?"
thesis by Lena Wietheger, Wageningen Univ., Netherlands (PDF 222 kB)
Article "Organic coffee, better life?", by Lena Wietheger based on the thesis
with the same name (PDF 184 kB).
Published by ILEIA in June 2005 in the the
LEISA Magazine. Read more about ILEIA and LEISA on www.leisa.info


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